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Nayun Lee

General Dentist


Dentistry is a field that I can be a good influence to other people while I learn and become a better person. I hear many interesting stories and life experiences from people with various backgrounds. By listening and communicating with the patients, I can share my education so they can make their best decision. Watching my patients improve their oral health and general health, including their life after getting dental care, is very exciting. Also, I learn a lot from my patients' life experiences so we grow together and be better every day. Dentistry is never boring since every patient can come up with a different outcome. That is why I try my best to listen to my patients and share my thoughts so they can make their own best decision. Teamwork is the key in dentistry. I am Canadian Korean. I was born in South Korea and moved almost every year until now. I lived in many cities in Korea, many states in the U.S., and I also lived in a few cities in Ontario, Canada. This diverse background made me into a person who tries to understand the different circumstances of the patients.